Have you ever created an Instagram Poll on your Instagram account effectively?

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    As you may already know, Using Instagram Story polls to engage the audience is not only entertaining but also educational!

    Instagram Polls have been used by so many Instagram influencers for a long period of time by now. This sticker option enhanced the user experience of Instagram and made it a more lovable Social Media Platform to use for netizens.

    These interactive stickers allow users to get crucial information from their followers while also entertaining them. The greatest thing is that polls are simple to add to any of the Stories, making them a versatile tool for increasing audience involvement and improving storytelling.

    Let’s get prepared to design interesting polls and learn more about your audience with each touch and vote!

    What are Instagram Polls?

    Instagram polls are interactive stickers available in Instagram Stories that allow you to pose a question and provide two response options.

    Your followers can then vote on their preferred option by tapping on the screen.

    The poll results are displayed in real-time, showing the percentage of votes for each option.

    Benefits of Creating Instagram Polls

    Good Engagement Rate: polls are a great way to capture your audience’s attention. This will encourage them to actively participate in your content. People enjoy sharing their opinions, and polls provide a fun and easy way to do so.

    Useful Insights: By using polls, you can gain valuable insights into your followers’ preferences, interests, and opinions. This information can help you better understand your audience.

    Personalization: Engaging with your audience through polls shows that you value their opinions and feedback.

    Audience Segmentation: It helps to segment your audience effectively based on insights you get.

    It creates a sense of connection and personalization. This can lead to stronger relationships with your followers.

    Steps to Create Instagram Polls

    Are you ready to make an interesting poll for your Instagram Story?

    Let’s jump into it!

    • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and touch the ‘+’ story symbol in the upper left corner of your image to create a new story poll.
    first step to create poll on instagram
    • Choose an existing photo or video to share or create a new one
    Second step to create poll on instagram
    • At the top of the screen, tap the ‘Sticker’ symbol (smiley face).
    • From the available stickers, select the ‘Poll‘ sticker.
    •  Fill in the blanks with your question and choose the response options. You may adjust the wording in the answer options by tapping on them.
    • Tap on the poll sticker to change its color.
    • Dragging the poll sticker to the desired spot on your photo or video.
    • Once you are satisfied with your poll, tap on the ‘Your Story‘ button to share it with your followers.
    step 3 screenshot to create instagram story poll

    Your poll will be live for 24 hours, and you can view the results in real time.

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    Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Polls

    1. Be Creative with Your Questions

    Create intriguing and thought-provoking questions for your audience. Use comedy, intrigue, or controversy to pique their interest.

    1. Keep It Relevant:

    Make sure your poll is consistent with your brand and the material you regularly publish. Avoid polls that are arbitrary or unconnected, as they may mislead your viewers.

    1. Encourage Participation:

    To make it easier for your followers to comprehend and respond to the poll, use simple and short wording.

    Add a call to action to promote greater participation. Use terminologies such as “Tap to vote” or “Let us know your views.”

    1. Use Polls for Decision Making:

    Involve your target audience in content, product, or service decisions. For example, ask them to vote on the next blog topic or the product they want to see on sale.

    Analyzing Poll Outcome Data

    Poll Engagement:

    Keep track of the number of views and votes your poll receives over the course of a 24-hour period. Keep track of how many people vote in the poll and the proportion of votes for each choice.

    Gathering Insights:

    • Use the results of your polls to learn more about your audience’s preferences and opinions.
    • Analyze the data to help you make future content and marketing decisions.

    Some Amazing Ideas for Using Instagram Polls

    Seek Feedback

    • Use polls to collect important feedback on your products or services.
    • You may build a poll using the question, “Would you recommend this to me?” “Yes or No” poll.

    Let Them Choose

    Involve your supporters in decision-making. Request that they Ask a question such as, “Which color do I wear to my wedding?” “Red or White” poll.

    Test Their Knowledge

    Ask your audience trivia questions about your business or specialization. Make it interesting and educational to keep people interested and amused.


    So, don’t you agree that Instagram polls are an excellent tool for increasing interaction and developing a deeper connection?

    You may use Instagram polls to obtain insights by following the procedures and adopting the advice offered. You may also include your friends and family in decision-making, resulting in more personalized content. Use Instagram polls to engage your audience and up your content game. Get feedback from your friends and family. Create customized content that speaks to the tastes and interests of your target audience.

    So, get readystart polling, and watch your Instagram stories transform into an interesting playground for your followers!

    The opportunities are limitless, and the payoff will be nothing short of astounding!

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    Can I use Instagram polls in my Instagram Stories only?

    Yes, Instagram polls are only accessible for Instagram Stories, allowing you to interact with your audience through this function.

    How many response options can I include in an Instagram poll?

    For each question, Instagram polls enable you to specify two response alternatives.

    Can I see who voted in my Instagram poll?

     No, Instagram polls are anonymous, and individual votes are not visible. However, you can see the total results as well as the percentage of votes cast for each choice.

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