Do you know how many people fell prey to Instagram hacking?

    Staggering statistics uncover the alarming number of Instagram account hacking incidents. Notch’s data suggests that, on average, an Instagram creator account falls victim to hacking every 10 minutes, resulting in over 50,000 hacked creator accounts per year.

    Moreover, NordVPN’s findings revealed that around 13% of Americans have fallen victim to Instagram account hacking.

    Also, Cybercriminals capitalize on social media attacks, reaping an impressive $3 billion in revenue per year.

    Nowadays, social media control our lives. You should be aware of the potential risks related to our online presence. Instagram also is not immune to hacking attempts.

    So, here we will investigate some methods hackers use to compromise your privacy. By better understanding of these, you can protect your Personal Information.

    Why is this Information necessary for You?

    The Risk of Losing Precious Memories:

    Imagine losing all your beautiful vacation photos, emotional “First day of school” memories, and charming pet updates. Unfortunately, this is the terrible truth for many Instagram users who have been hacked. Surprisingly, just one in three users can get back their accounts after hacking.

    The Financial and Emotional Consequences of Identity Theft:

    However, the effects of Instagram hacking go beyond the loss of loved photographs. This form of identity theft can have severe financial and emotional consequences for victims. According to James E. Lee, chief operating officer of ITRC, an elite identity theft asset center, more than 80% of survey participants experienced emotions of worry and breaking following a breach.

    Threats to Your Financial Well-being and Reputation:

    To make matters worse, thieves can use your hacked account to steal your money and even set up phony Instagram profiles in your name. Hence, the consequences are severe, damaging your financial well-being and internet reputation.

    The Importance of Preventative Measures:

    Understanding these facts is critical for taking cautious measures to protect your Instagram account and personal information. You may also greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to Instagram hacking by using strong security measures and remaining alert against scams and unusual activity. Remember that defense is always better than dealing with the fallout after a terrible hack.

    4 Methods Used by Hackers To Hack Instagram Accounts

    1. Social Engineering Attacks

    Above all, These methods are usually done by the psychological manipulation of the user to give away personal information. Let me provide you with some of the ways in the following list.

    a. Phishing Attacks:

    Secondly, consider getting a compelling message saying you’ve won an Instagram gift contest. The letter includes a link that requires you to enter your login information to collect your prize.


    This is a typical phishing effort in which hackers attempt to fool you into sharing your login and credentials. Moreover, verify the validity of such messages and avoid clicking on unclear links.

    b. Impersonation and Identity Theft:

    Have you recently received a friend request from someone who appears to be on your list of friends?

    It might be a scam effort in which hackers clone a current account to get access to personal information. Before accepting friend requests, be careful and confirm the authenticity of any fake or unclear accounts.

    2. Password Security

    Weak Passwords:

    Popular credentials like “123456” or “Password” invite hackers in. They use digital Password-Guessing programs to obtain illegal access to Instagram accounts. Instead, use a combination of capital and smaller letters, numbers, and special characters to build secure and unique credentials.

    Password Breaches:

    Remember that data breach you saw in the news? Hackers can use your stolen Password to access your Instagram account if you reuse the same password across different networks. In addition, use different passwords for each online site and consider using a password manager to keep them safe.

    3. Malware and Keyloggers Attack

    Malicious Apps and Downloads:

    Be careful when you are installing programs from unknown sources or which allow too many rights. Some dangerous applications may install malware on your cell phone without your knowledge, harming your Instagram login credentials. Stick to reliable app shops and fully examine app permissions before installing.

    Keyloggers and Spyware:

    Consider installing an innocent program that captures every touch you make on your phone without your knowledge. Keyloggers and malware can steal your Instagram login information, leaving your account vulnerable to attack. Also, maintain vigilance and scan your gadgets on a time to time basis for symptoms of harmful malware.

    4. Third-Party Applications and Services

    Unauthorized Access to Instagram APIs:

    Allowing apps from third parties that claim to improve your Instagram experience should be met with caution. Additionally, some unofficial applications may abuse their access to your account, which could result in privacy violations. Before letting access, investigate the app’s reputation to confirm its reliability.

    Phony Instagram Apps and Websites:

    Hackers often build phony Instagram applications or sites that seem the same as the proper platform. These bogus things want to trick users into sharing their login details, causing hacked accounts. Especially, always look for the official Instagram assurance logo and use safe alternatives to confirm the app’s or website’s being valid.

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    Protecting Your Instagram Account

    Two-Factor Authentication:

    Enabling two-factor authentication improves the security of your Instagram account. Because a verification code is required in addition to your password, even if someone obtains your login info, they cannot access your account without the second factor.

    Regular Security Checkups:

    It’s crucial to check and update your Instagram account’s privacy and security settings on a regular basis, just as you would your home’s security system. Furthermore, keep up with the newest security elements and take cautious steps to keep your account safe.


    Be careful about your security, and always follow the steps mentioned above!

    You may also keep one step ahead of hackers by becoming familiar with the hacking tactics described above. Importantly, you should not share your login info with anybody, even close friends or family. You should be careful while sharing seemingly innocent social media trends or games.

    Prioritize the privacy and security of your information to protect your account.

    Moreover, by completing these critical actions, you can strengthen the security of your Instagram account and lower the danger of being hacked. Also, remember that your personal information and online presence are precious assets.

    Stay alert, stay informed, and confidently enjoy the world of Instagram.


    How can I create a strong password to protect my Instagram account from hacking?

    Creating a strong login details calls for using lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable information such as your name or birthdate. You should use a unique login details for each online account and consider using a password manager to store and manage your login info securely.

    What should I do if I suspect my Instagram account has been hacked?

    If you suspect that your Instagram account has been harmed, act promptly. Change your password immediately and enable two-step verification for added security. Review your account settings to ensure that no illegal changes have been made If you cannot regain control of your account, report the incident to Instagram’s support team for further assistance.

    Can I recover my account if it has been hacked?

    While recovering a hacked Instagram account is possible, success may vary depending on the specific circumstances. Act quickly by changing your password and following Instagram’s account recovery process is crucial. If you’ve associated your account with a recovery email or phone number, use those options to regain access. If you’re unable to recover your account, reach out to Instagram’s support team for further guidance and assistance.

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