Release Date and Pre-ordering of Apple iPhone 15

    The good news has come already, iPhone 15 release date has been announced. So, When is iPhone 15 coming out?

    Release History
    iPhone 11September 20, 201910th September 2019
    iPhone 1223th October 202013th October 2020
    iPhone 13September 24, 2021September 14, 2021
    iPhone 14September 16, 2022September 16
    iPhone’s previous release history in India and US

    The release date of the iPhone 15 is September 22 2023 in the US. After analyzing the release history and expert assumptions I must say that the Release Date of iPhone 15 in India will be on 13 September 2023. Apple event will be held on September 13, 2023, according to Bloomberg. You can pre-order the Apple iPhone 15 after the announcement (most likely after September 15, 2023) on the official site of Apple.

    Will iPhone 15 Pro delay?

    There are lots of rumors going around about the delay of the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro. Most rumors say, “Pro version will delayed till October 2023“. Also, the rumors suggested that the iPhone15 launch and iPhone 15 Pro launch dates will separate. The reason specified was the production Issues.

    The screen of the iPhone 15 Pro will be larger than the iPhone 15. Apple is facing issues while manufacturing the larger screens for the Iphone15 pro. Apple was having a problem with the thin bezels on the pros. But the issue has been resolved and we are sure that the launch will not delay, and the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will launch on the same day.

    Expected Specifications and Hardware of iPhone 15, Pro

    So, what’s new in iPhone 15?

    Release DateSeptember 22, 2023
    Pre-order Start DateAfter announcement, likely after September 15, 2023
    OSiOS 17 (version 5)
    Screen SizesRumored: 6.3-inch (iPhone 15 Pro), 6.9-inch (iPhone 15 Pro Max)
    DesignPill-and-hole design, dynamic island display
    ProcessorsiPhone 15: A16 chip, iPhone 15 Pro: A17 chip
    Design (iPhone 15 Pro)New titanium design, glass back, narrow bezels
    Charging PortRumors of USB-C replacing Lightning port
    Battery Capacity (Pro)iPhone 15 Pro: 3650mAh (estimated.), iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4852mAh (estimated.)
    ColorsRumored: Darker blue, possibly other colors
    PricingiPhone 15: $799, iPhone 15 Plus: $899, iPhone 15 Pro: $1,099, iPhone 15 Pro Max: $1,299
    Action ButtonNew Action button is rumored to replace the mute switch
    Storage Options2TB storage option rumored for iPhone 15 Pro Max
    Please note that these specifications are based on the information available on the internet, and actual specifications may vary when officially announced by Apple.

    Apple updates the iPhone OS every year, as is the iPhone itself. This gives us somehow an idea that iOS 17 version 5 will be available by the time. Although the number sequence is simple, the real features which this OS will provide are yet unclear at this time. However, Apple recently released iOS 17 Beta 5.

    There’s still a month till September 13, 2023, so anticipate some more additional details.

    Despite no official announcement from Apple, a few data from leaks and experts indicate what the iPhone 15 specifications will most likely be.

    Screen Size of iPhone 15 variants

    The iPhone 15’s screen size is unknown. The 2023 iPhone 15 size might be a 6.3-inch iPhone 15 Pro and 6.9-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the latter being branded as the Ultra variant.

    Under Panel Hardware of iPhone 15

    The iPhone 15 will most likely include a pill-and-hole design, like the 2022 Pro versions.

    Processor of the iPhone 15

    According to one Apple leaker, the iPhone 15 will have an A16 chip, while the 15 Pro will have an A17 chip.

    According to reports, the new extremely low-power microprocessor may power specific functions. It will keep them operational even after the smartphone’s battery runs out or is switched off.

    Look and Display of iPhone 15

    The iPhone 15 Pro will have a new titanium design and a glass back. It will be a somewhat elegant iPhone 15 design.

    According to reports, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max would have the narrowest bezels on a smartphone.

    A new advanced model will almost certainly include two front-facing cameras, a USB-C connection, and an ultra-low energy CPU.

    Apple will most likely keep the present arrangement of the iPhone 14 Pro display, but the device’s bezels will be slimmer.

    Is USB-C Connector in iPhone 15?

    In recent months, rumors have suggested that the forthcoming iPhone 15 may ditch the Lightning socket for the sake of a USB-C connector. The launch date will reveal if Apple makes the transition to the current USB-C era.

    Furthermore, some images appeared on X (formerly Twitter) that show the USB-C port in a probable design of iPhone 15. But most likely, they are dubious.

    The battery in iPhone 15

    Most likely, both new Apple iPhone 15 Pro versions will have bigger batteries. Here are the speculated iPhone 15 Pro battery abilities. As well as the iPhone 14 Pro battery capacities, to demonstrate the difference:

    Sr. NoPhone VersionsBattery
    1iPhone 15 Pro3650mAh (estd.)
    2iPhone 14 Pro3200mAh
    3iPhone 15 Pro Max4852mAh (estd.)
    4iPhone 14 Pro Max4323mAh

    iPhone 15 Colors

    It was rumored that a new more intense burgundy-red color variant was planned to be released this year. But recent reports have claimed that Apple is planning darker Blue color that is kind of grayish. But different from space black for iPhone 15 this year.

    Apple iPhone 15 price

    If your concern is that what is the price of the iPhone 15?

    Then here is your answer. According to rumors and sources, the internet that all the additional hardware enhancements may force the price of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro variants to rise.

    The expected prices of iPhone 15 are:

    Sr. NoPhone VersionsPrice (estd.)Price Hike
    1iPhone 15$799No hike
    2iPhone 15 Plus$899No hike
    3iPhone 15 Pro$1,099$100
    4iPhone 15 Pro Max$1,299$200

    Action Button Confirmed in iPhone 15

    According to reports the iPhone 15 Pro case copy will have a new button in place of the mute switch. Apple is introducing a new Action button for its Pro phones, which will provide functions beyond muting. Depending on the software, hitting the Action button might, for example, execute a shortcut or start a recording.


    According to reports, Apple is providing a 2TB storage choice this year, pushing the iPhone 15 Pro Max above $2,000 for the first time. According to Apple reports, the Pro phones will begin with double the capacity, 256GB against 128GB for the iPhone 14 Pro.

    Sum Up

    Apple lovers are highly anticipating iPhone 15 device. But the reports and analyses say that the market will be low for the iPhone 15. Bloomberg reported that Sony says (who is the supplier of the lens to Apple) the demand will not meet the expectations of the market. The downturn of the economy will significantly affect the sale of the smartphone industry.Β  Sony did not mention the iPhone 15 but the indicators and reports all point in this direction. Putting this aside, Apple sure is confident because of the high demand for iPhone 14.

    All the rumors that are mentioned in the article are collected via detailed analysis and we provided the information that will be most probably true. As the date of launch closes in, more and more data will come up in the market and we will make sure to update you on the topic.

    FAQs regarding iPhone 15

    Will iPhone 15 be with 12 cameras?

    Contrary to the earlier rumor of featuring 12 cameras, the iPhone 15 will come with a more conservative setup, housing only three cameras.

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